Swearing is Caring

Aren’t you fucking tired of spending your hard-earned money on 'nice' wrapping paper to wrap your 'nice' gift with a 'nice' card to wish your friend a 'lovely' fucking day? Then you have to stand there like an arsehat while they open up your shit gift and pretend it's the greatest thing they've ever seen.

Well... FUCK THAT.

We're not playing this charade for one more fucking day... and you don't have to either! Your loved ones are guaranteed to shit their pants (either from laughter or rage ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) when you offer them a gift packaged in our trademark sweary style. If you’re worried about insulting your nan, quit that negative self-talk right now. Deep down, EVERYONE loves being called a cunt on their birthday!

We Support Beyond Blue

BitSweary is a bit of fun, but we have a serious side too. We're donating a portion of every purchase to Beyond Blue to help put smiles on the faces of people who really need it. Beyond Blue is a charity dedicated to helping Australians achieve their best possible mental health. We’ve all been eating shit sandwiches for the last few years and many of us could use some support to get back on track.

We Fucking Love Our Planet

We also have a commitment to not shit all over our planet and future generations at the expense of a few smiles. Our paper, tags and envelopes are all printed on 100% recycled card stock and our cellophane bags are home compostable. We also use a carbon neutral courier service for all our deliveries to minimise our impact.

Meet the Team

We’re a couple of mates from the East Coast of Australia who are deeply committed to helping people around the world unleash the cunt within. We swear ‘cause we care.